Our Services

Hindi Language Group Classes

We offer Hindi language courses in group. Usually we restrict the group size at 12 at our classroom Hindi training. Every month we start a group batch for Survival Hindi and Hindi Level A1 courses. After completion of these levels, one can proceed with other levels upto C2. Please Contact Usfor more details.

One to One Hindi Classes

We understand that everyone has their own personal need and requirements. Thus we offer personal One to One Hindi language classes for anyone looking for short or long term Hindi Language courses. These classes can be customised as per students need and requirements. Please Contact Usfor more details.

Hindi Classes on Wheel

Hindi Classes on Wheel is a Survival Hindi course given to the traveller who don't have time for stay in New Delhi or Bangalore. In this case our Hindi trainer cum tour escort travels with you and provide you training during your stay in India. Please Contact Usfor more details.

Hindi Immersion Program

This program is usually offered to students on exchange program and wants to come to India in group and a complete immersion program is delivered to them. This program can be also delivered to small group or individual as per the requirements. Please Contact Usfor more details.

Hindi and Yoga Program

This is a combination program of Hindi and Yoga. This can be offered to a small group for short or long duration in India. In this program, one can attend Yoga classes in the morning or evening and Hindi classes during the day. Please Contact Usfor more details.

Hindi with Know India Training

This is a program more suitable for expats or foreigners looking to live and do business, work in India. In this program Know India training is provided alongwith Hindi classes and usually conducted as residential program at a peaceful location. Please Contact Usfor more details.