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About Hindi Language Institute

Hindi Language Institute is a division of LangÉcole® School of Languages ( Headquartered at New Delhi, LangÉcole® is a leading brand in language training in India. We have centres in New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and teach various languages to more than 500 students a year.

Hindi Language Insitute started teaching Hindi languages to foreigners and non-hindi speakers at our New Delhi centre and became a popular place for learning Hindi language and Indian culture. All our experienced and Native trainers understand the need of foreingers and non-Hindi speakers and focusses on all the aspects of language teaching.

We take the approach of both direct and structural methodologies and prepared our course materials with lots of reasearch and training experiences to foreigners.

Our Advantages

All out Hindi language trainer are Native Hindi Speaker and have wide range of experience in teaching and training to foreigners and expats in India.

During our Hindi language classes, we always try to cover some aspects of Hindi heartland culture and Indian culture. This is very important aspects to understand use of any language.

We provide the training through various methodologies from Stuctured methodology to immersion program in Hindi language. We customise a bit as per the student group or individual learner.

We always give individual attention to each learner as learning curve varies for every learners and needs are also different.

1000+ Happy Learners

300+ Batches Completed

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

3 Centres

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